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Whiteboarding - The Technique to Make Your Video Calls Useful

"A picture is worth a thousand words" applies to any collaboration scenario, and whiteboarding is a time-approved collaboration method for delivering that "picture". Whiteboards are effective for the following reasons:

  • Affordable tool. Whiteboards are one of the best investments for any organization. A meeting room can be equipped with the most powerful explanation tool whose cost is starting from $50.

  • Faster to say "Got it!". Collaborative whiteboarding is the way to communicate ideas and come up with the next steps.

  • Flexibility. Whiteboarding is informal. You can add ideas immediately as participants chat and bounce thoughts off one another.

effective video calls with whiteboards
Photo by visuals on Unsplash

Before 2020, when you and your teammates are physically together, it's a matter of walking to a whiteboard, drawing out visuals, and the ideas are delivered simply. When 2020 arrived, a large number of educators and businesses across the globe have experienced a shift from physical to digital spaces. The shift has introduced certain inconveniences, but technology has done a brilliant job creating tools to maintain a highly efficient remote collaboration. This means you can bring a whiteboarding session online easily.

To make video calls more useful, online whiteboard apps are a popular choice for remote teams due to their abundant features and accessibility with computers or mobile devices. Here are some highly-rated ones based on Zapier-tested best online whiteboards in 2021:

  • Miro allows turning a brainstorming session into assigned tasks and is integrated with other tools for easy messaging.

  • Stormboard is a dedicated sticky-note tool for brainstorming and collaborating on big ideas.

  • Conceptboard is perfect for those who prefer to brainstorm and present simultaneously.

You may ask: What about using real whiteboards during video calls? Any solution to resolve the webcam blurry issue against the whiteboards? Is it possible to collaborate remotely on the physical whiteboards as if everyone is physically in the same room?

The answer is YES.

Boardit is an uprising web-based app that leverages Computer Vision technologies and AI to turn multiple whiteboards into "One" with webcams and/or projectors. It supports 3 primary use cases:

Boardit was built based on market validations from Amazon engineering and product teams, and also a 120-people survey in the US, where ~70% of people are willing to use a physical whiteboard if they no longer need to suffer from webcam viewing limitations. Try the app for FREE today!


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